Positive Pathways: success so far with more to come

June 5, 2020

Part of the HM Treasury funded Veterans’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund; the Positive Pathways programme was launched in 2019. More than £7.5 million has been awarded to over 100 projects so far, all working hard to improve the mental health and wellbeing of veterans.

A fresh approach to funding

The Trust approached this programme in a slightly different way to our other programmes, in that applicants were able to apply for one of two fixed amounts, thereby helping to build an understanding from the very start of what level of financial support might be required to deliver a successful one or two year project.

This has proven to be a very popular programme. In our latest round, held at the end of March, we awarded 25 projects including a therapeutic woodland programme, equine therapy and rugby and soccer-based activities. But the journey doesn’t end there!

Funding projects for veterans, by veterans

Now, in 2020/21, we plan to continue the Positive Pathways programme, albeit with one change – all funding awarded will now be for one-year projects at £35,000 per award.

In conjunction with the financial support a grant award brings, we’ve been able to offer all awardees, and some applicants, further support thanks to our Strategic Partners, a group of valued organisations awarded funding to specifically support this programme with their wealth of knowledge and experience of the sector. We’re delighted to say that this will continue in 2020/21 once the Positive Pathways programme reopens, though moving forward, this support will have more of a focus on support after awards have been made, rather than before.

We’ve a variety of new funding programmes going live over the coming weeks and months. Look out for the re-opening of the Positive Pathways programme this summer.

Find out more

In the meantime, you can discover more about the programme and the projects we’ve supported so far, on our programme pages.

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