Hearing from Trust Projects Funded in 2021

November 15, 2021

Here at the Trust we love to see the direct impact that Trust funded projects make, directly on the beneficiaries. We made a short video to highlight just some of the projects that we have supported in 2021.

This video includes contributions from…

A very small selection of projects from 2021

Royal Marines CharityReaching Out By Your Side‘ awarded £70,000 from the Tackling Loneliness programme

The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity received funding under the Tackling Loneliness programme. Their project ‘Reaching out – By your side’ provided telephone group calls, helping to facilitate new and old friendships, helping to connect elderly people with support and improved communications with their families all from their TV. The project helped tackle social isolation and improved health and wellbeing.

The Soldiers’ Arts AcademySinging Workshops with Laura Wright‘ awarded £35,000 from the Positive Pathways programme

The SAA has facilitated individual singing lessons for veterans who are in need. This was over a twelve-month period. The lessons have been in small groups with professional singer Laura Wright. Laura worked with individuals and enabled veterans to develop new skills and confidence with their singing.

Justice in MotionMoving Together‘ awarded £9850 from the Forces Communities Together programme

Justice in Motion delivered a series of eight dance workshops for participants at RAF Benson. Sessions was open to all, but younger service personnel were particularly encouraged to engage. The second stage was to use the work created by the participants in a collective. The professional dancers choreographed work based on the the previous dances made in the workshops.

The project had aimed to help participants explore the themes of loneliness and interpersonal connection.

Deptherapy & Deptherapy EducationVeterans Protecting Our Oceans‘ awarded £70,000 from the Positive Pathways programme

As part of a two-year programme, Deptherapy were awarded £70,000, as part of the Trust’s Positive Pathways Programme. The project ‘Veterans Protecting Our Oceans’ has given trained members, of the Scuba Diving rehabilitation charity team, the chance to take part in an ocean survey course in the Caribbean island of Grenada. More here

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