What to expect if you’re awarded a grant…

NAAFI Grant Holders – What to expect if you’re awarded a grant…

  • You will be emailed in the first instance to be advised if you have been successful or not.
    At this stage you will be asked to attend a briefing, usually within the following 3-5 working days of the email, to go through with you the next steps of the process, advise you further on the information in this document and of course give you opportunity to ask questions. 
  • You will then be issued with your offer letter and both you and your CO/OC will need to sign this electronically to agree the grant contract. This will be issued via Adobe Click and Sign and will come from adobesign@adobesign.com so you will need to make this email address a ‘safe’ address to ensure it isn’t rejected by MODNET or any other secure system you may be using.
  • You will need to include with this document your units bank account details, so you will need to find out this information from your finance team in order to complete the bank details section on the Offer Letter.
  •  Along with the signed Offer you will also need to provide us with banking evidence
    – such as a screen shot of an online statement
    – or a photo of a cancelled cheque.
    We know that this can be tricky if you are overseas, so if you do not have an account, contact us as soon as you can so we can make alternative arrangements.
  • You will be asked to return the above 2 documents within 4 weeks of receiving the Offer Letter and you must advise us upon receipt of the Offer if you will not be able to meet this deadline.
  • You have 12 months to complete the project – and you can finish before this time, but you must take into account reporting / payment scheduling as part of your planning, as well as the fact we need you to report on the impact the grant has made. 
    By this we mean,
    – how has it improved the lives / experience / health & wellbeing for example, of the people who use the space, project, activities or equipment?
    Allow enough time (we recommend around 2-3 months) to gather information on the use/ popularity of the space or items/activities and ask how your colleagues/the families feel about what they have gained from the project


Full guidance is downloadable on our NAAFI Fund page