Aged Veterans’ Fund evaluation report

Programme Evaluations Veterans and carers May 2021

The Aged Veterans’ Fund (AVF) awarded £30 million over a five-year period to fund 19 significant grants to portfolios of projects which supported the non-core health, wellbeing and social care needs for older veterans (those born before the 1 of January 1950). The Trust worked with the University of Chester’s Westminster Centre for Research in Veterans to explore the impact of these grants, and has published an evaluative report based on data from individual project evaluations, which contains five key recommendations to improve future wellbeing for older veterans.

Data from the Aged Veterans’ Fund shows that projects have been reaching veterans between the ages of 75-80 and that there have been improvements to their health and wellbeing. There is some evidence to suggest that some of the work undertaken by projects may be particularly effective in the health outcomes that they were able to achieve.

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