Our mission, vision and values

In 2022, the Trust developed a new Mission, Vision and Values to guide us. They are integrated into all areas of the Trust’s work.

Our Mission

To fund projects that support the delivery of the Nation’s Covenant promise to our Armed Forces, Veterans and their families.

Our Vision

A thriving Armed Forces community that is valued and supported within our society.

Our Values


We ensure our funding is transparent and evidenced based. Organisations who apply for a grant, or have a grant through us, are treated fairly.


We work with others to ensure our grants have the biggest possible impact; and we encourage organisations we fund to do this too. We use our resources to be an intelligent funder and are not afraid to try new approaches if it will make a positive difference.


We want to make a difference to all Armed Forces communities that are experiencing needs; and we recognise that there can be barriers to accessing support.

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Find out more about our work in our latest Annual Report.