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Veterans’ Places, Pathways and People programme

This programme will award 10 grants of up to £800,000 to portfolios of projects, which will work regionally to develop better, more joined up lasting support for local veterans with mental health needs.

Two-year grants of up to £800,000 available

Find out about portfolios that are being developed in your Country or Region; and how you can give your views

Programme will fund portfolios of projects that develop better, more joined up lasting support for veterans with mental health needs


This programme will award 10 grants of up to £800,000 to portfolios of projects, which will work regionally to develop better, more joined up lasting support for local veterans with mental health needs.

The Veterans’ Places, Pathways and People programme is funded through the Veterans’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund. It will provide grants for the sustainable provision of places of safety and pathways of support across the United Kingdom.

The Trust will only be awarding 10 portfolio grants in total and will be prioritising applications that clearly demonstrate a proven ability to take a co-ordinated and informed approach across their country or region. Successful applications will ensure that there are connected pathways which work well for veterans; that there are safe places for veterans to go which connect into these pathways; and that volunteers and staff who support veterans have access to training and work closely with other organisations within veterans’ mental health pathways. 

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Find out about portfolios being developed in your country or region

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To be eligible for this funding, you must be a registered charity that specifically supports Armed Forces communities, that has been registered for at least three years at the time of your application.

Specifically supporting Armed Forces communities means that your charitable objectives clearly state that you support people from Armed Forces communities.

It is expected that a Portfolio Lead organisation would have the following.

  • Detailed knowledge of the needs of veterans in the country or region that their portfolio application is based on
  • Evidence of existing work with statutory and voluntary partners on veteran pathway development
  • Evidence of significant experience in delivering support to veterans with complex mental health needs.

What’s available

Two-year grants of between £600,000 and £800,000.

One portfolio grant will be awarded each in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and seven grants will be awarded across England regions. There is more information on the regions in the programme guidance document below.

There will only be one portfolio grant awarded within each area and the Portfolio Lead and member organisation will be expected to work with statutory and voluntary organisations within that country or region that supports veterans.

An ideal Portfolio Lead would be an organisation that already has a strong presence within the country or region, has credibility and can bring together statutory and voluntary sectors to form a wide-ranging portfolio that gives a clear vision for the region.

Themes and priorities

You will need to be able to show that you can develop a comprehensive portfolio for your country or region that:

  • gives veterans safe, welcoming places to go in their local area
  • supports veterans to access mental health support and treatment pathways that meet their needs
  • ensures that the people who support veterans (staff and particularly volunteers) can access good quality training and can have better access to connect veterans into wider pathways.

Your Portfolio should be able to show how it will deliver the following outcomes.

  • Veterans can find the support they need and access mental health and wellbeing services activities that are interesting and relevant to them.
  • When accessing activities, veterans are safe and can be supported to recover. They can be referred seamlessly to NHS or other services.
  • Veterans at higher risk of suicide or other risk relating to mental ill health can receive better cross-sector support.
  • Effective veteran-led projects are embedded in local care pathways supported by good partnerships.

Organisations that are developing a bid to be a Portfolio Lead will need to hold consultation events in the country or region that they are applying for. These will be organised directly by the organisation applying.

Deadlines and dates to note

May 2021: Programme opens

24 June: Optional webinar for organisations thinking about applying to be a Portfolio Lead.

23 July: Deadline to complete a short form for organisations intending to apply to the programme to be a Portfolio Lead.

July – September:

  • Organisations develop their applications and hold consultation events with Armed Forces organisations and wider organisations that support veterans in the country or region that they are applying from. 
  • Applicants develop their portfolios of projects.

27 September: Deadline for submitting an application to the programme (for organisations that submitted an intention to apply)

November: Decisions made on funding applications.

December: Successful grant holders begin their two-year portfolio grants.

Guidance and resources

This is a complex programme and if you are considering applying to be a Portfolio Lead, then you need to read our programme guidance carefully.

We have also produced a glossary of the terms we use in this programme, and a frequently asked questions document.

We have included a set of the questions that you will be asked at both the Intention to Apply Stage and the Application Stage.

If your organisation is developing an application for this programme, you will need to run consultation events in the Country or Region that you are developing a bid for. Tell us about the events that you are planning, and we can include listings on our website

Programme guidance
Frequently Asked Questions

If you submitted your intention to apply to us before 23rd July 2021; then we will send you a link that you can use to begin your online application. We encourage you to take a look at the application questions before beginning your online application to this programme. Please note, this is for reference only and applications can only be made via our online application portal. You can also view the terms and conditions to receiving a Veterans’ Places, Pathways and People award, here.