Delivering locally

Funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust supports projects across the UK, in significant numbers. Local projects feature heavily within our smaller grant programmes. 712 projects were supported through the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Local grants programme.

During the Covid pandemic in 2020, 102 grants of £20,000 or less were awarded to projects that supported vulnerable veterans through the Veterans Should Not Be Forgotten programme, and and additional 100 projects were supported through the Forces Communities Together programme

Small grants that make a big difference

A veteran at the Fighting Chance project

The Fighting Chance received £19,843 from the Trust in 2018 for a one-year project as part of the Local Grant programme. 

The Fighting Chance for Veterans project funded an intensive support project which links health and wellbeing with employment support to help extremely vulnerable veterans to get their lives “back on track’. The project is for those veterans who are the furthest from entering the labour market, and those struggling with isolation, housing issues or substance misuse.

An older veteran at the VC Gallery

The £20,000 “Project Lifeline” grant awarded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust to the VC Gallery in Pembrokeshire proved to be exactly that when the Covid-19 crisis hit rural West Wales. The project was supported through the Veterans Should Not Be Forgotten Programme.

The charity provided food parcels and creative “SOS packs” to its beneficiaries as lockdown tightened in Wales to ensure that even the most vulnerable veterans were not forgotten.


Front cover of Local Grants consultation report

In January 2020, the Trust conducted a consultation to discover what our beneficiaries and stakeholders felt should be the next step in our support for local communities, following five years of the successful Armed Forces Covenant: Local Grants programme.

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Front cover of the Reach and Impact of the Armed Forces Covenant: Local Grants Programme report. The cover picture shows a group of older veterans playing football

What did Armed Forces Covenant Funding in local areas throughout the UK achieve for Armed Forces communities?

This report explores the Armed Forces Covenant Local Grants programme, which ran for 5 years between 2015- 2020.

It funded 712 grants worth £11,525,200.

What does collaboration mean in grant making?

In this thought paper, we explore the role of
collaboration in the Armed Forces
Covenant Fund Trust’s funding programmes. We’ve been encouraging collaboration both formally and informally through our funding programmes.

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