VPPP Region by Region: Veterans’ Places, Pathways & People Programme

VPPP update

Following the progress made so far under the VPPP programme, the Government pledged an additional £10 million in November 2023 to continue the programme over the next three years. The next stages of the VPPP programme will look more closely at sustainability and long-term legacy, building on the work done so far.

Portfolio leads will be hosting a number of consultation events to help develop a robust strategic plan for their work with vulnerable Veterans over the next three years. These strategic plans will be collaborative; reflecting the needs of Veterans within the country or region that the portfolio is supporting. Find out what’s happening in your region via the link below.

The Veterans’ Places, Pathways & People Programme aims to:

New Guide - Veterans Places Pathways and People
  • gives veterans safe, welcoming places to go in their local area 
  • supports veterans to access mental health support and treatment pathways that meet their needs 
  • ensures that the people who support veterans (staff and particularly volunteers) can access good quality training and can have better access to connect veterans into wider pathways

The programme has funded 10 Portfolio projects throughout the UK and four national strategic projects which work alongside the Portfolios.  

Over the life of the programme, the Portfolio projects and national strategic projects will be working to deliver these outcomes; which aim to sustain beyond the life of the grant 

  • Veterans can find the support they need and access mental health and wellbeing services activities that are interesting and relevant to them 
  • When accessing activities, veterans are safe and can be supported to recover. They can be referred seamlessly to NHS or other services
  • Veterans at higher risk of suicide or other risk relating to mental ill health can receive better cross-sector support 
  • Effective veteran-led projects are embedded in local care pathways supported by good partnerships

The Trust is excited about the potential that these grants can have to deliver real and lasting change. Through these grants veterans with mental health needs can have better access to effective pathways of care and support in their region; and have safe places to go to access support, reduce isolation and support positive mental health.  

There is strong potential that the veteran led projects within these portfolios can become embedded locally.  

The Portfolios are at an early stage of their delivery; and have all developed their delivery plans through extensive regional consultations.  

The Portfolios actively encourage organisations in Statutory or Voluntary sectors to engage in their work, and contact details for all of the Portfolio projects can be found within each profile contained later in this document.  

Veterans and carers Report Jun 2022

The Veterans’ Places, Pathways & People

The VPPP programme will award 10 grants to portfolios of projects, which work regionally to develop support for veterans.