Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust extends deadline of programme to 16th July 2018

June 26, 2018

While November may seem like a long way off, many community groups, schools, village halls and places of worship are thinking about the Armistice; and how, as part of this; they can work to build good links with the Armed Forces today. Applicants have been telling us that they want to really plan their project before they submit the bid. Having an event is a condition of the award; but your event does not need to be fully planned when you apply.
Rachel Dawkins; our Grants Manager has been in touch with applicants

“Applicants have been talking to us; telling about the great events they are planning. We know that some groups are planning projects involving a number of local organisations, and worried about not having their event fully planned
Apply to us and give us an idea of what you want to do. Tell us what you are planning.  The application form is really straightforward.

We are extending the programme because applicants have told us that they would like more time to think about their events. It is however fine to apply even if your event is not fully planned.
We need to run the application process now to ensure that silhouettes to award holders are delivered in good time for events in October and November this year.
Applicants apply to us by 16th July; and if they need to, they can spend time after that developing their event more fully. If an organisation receives an award; that may help to drive interest and engagement with local events.

Thetford Town Council obtained some silhouettes before the launch of the Armistice and Armed Forces Communities programme; and have already put them to good use with 14 silhouettes placed in Churches, Community centres, businesses, youth groups and the local Guildhall. Communities and individuals are being brought together in knitting groups and the ATC cadets have helped with sewing poppies on netting for the Guildhall. Events however do not have to be elaborate; and could be as simple as sharing tea and cake. The aim is to bring community groups together.

Through this programme, the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust is making awards to community groups and not for profit organisations. Groups can access up to 10 evocative silhouettes to provide a focus for community events that bring Armed Forces Communities and civilian communities together. The event is up to the applicant to plan and run.

Have a look at our infographic for help in planning your project.