Veterans to get out and active in latest batch of Positive Pathways programme awards!

April 7, 2020

We’re excited to announce that the second round of Positive Pathways programme awards has seen a whopping £3,465,000 go towards activity-based projects for Armed Forces veterans.

Continuing the theme of being veteran-led and getting veterans out and active, successful projects will be hosting all manner of sports, outdoor pursuits and nature-based therapies.

‘Creating lasting personal change’

A boat on the water, run by Catzero
Catzero were awarded £70,000

Catzero will receive £70,000 over two years to offer veterans the opportunity to crew a challenge class yacht on the open seas. Tailored to the needs of each individual, the 16-week programme will improve participants’ mental/physical health and overall wellbeing.

Pete Tighe, Catzero Programme Manager said: “Catzero is proud to be delivering programmes supported by the Positive Pathways funding. Our aim is to create a lasting personal change to the veterans within the Humber Region. We will do this through positive activities, qualifications, holistic one-to-one support and the opportunity to sail on our 72’ challenge yacht.”

We’re also pleased to have supported other types of project too – arts based, drama projects and even archaeology.

Helping veterans realise their potential

Improving Lives Plymouth were awarded £70,000 over two years to engage veterans who are isolated, lacking purpose and self-worth, in their Creative Forces programme, helping veterans to re-engage with the veterans’ community, and with their families and the wider community. The group have previously received Local Grants funding to help them establish the Plymouth Veterans and Family Hub.

George Plenderleith, Chief Executive of Improving Lives Plymouth said: “There is a need for more activities that re-engage veterans with other veterans and the local community. The Positive Pathways grant will enable us to do this through our Creative Forces project. Activities will be led by veterans, for veterans, who understand each other’s language and Service culture. These workshops will be about making a mark, in any way you want to. Not about teaching people how to paint and draw but gaining self-confidence through self-expression and helping others to realise their potential in whatever is their passion.”

Improving veterans’ mental health and wellbeing

It’s great to see organisations get to grips with what the veterans they are working with want and need, and we’re confident these projects will help towards improving the mental health and wellbeing of veterans up and down the UK.

Veterans gardening at the Veteran Growth project
Veterans’ Growth were awarded £70,000

Veterans’ Growth were awarded £70,000 over two years to offer a range of activities to veterans throughout the year including arranging flowers to sell, harvesting of fruit, making fertiliser and shrub pruning. The activities they offer are designed not only to provide physical activity and increase stamina, but also to teach new skills and give a sense of satisfaction and raised self-esteem.

Jason Stevens from Veterans’ Growth told us: “We are thankful for the funding from the Positive Pathways award, which allows us to welcome many veterans to our new site. We plan to develop the site within the next few months and make it a place where veterans can come for respite, for support and for social interaction. The funding we’ve received from Positive Pathways means our plans for the site can become a reality and we look forward to working in partnership with local people and veterans to create a really special place.”  

To find out more about this popular programme, check out our Positive Pathways programme pages.

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