Is Covid-19 causing difficulties with your funded project activities?

April 20, 2020

We’ll do all we can to help you keep supporting the people who benefit from the grant that we have awarded to you.

We know your organisation will be deciding how best to respond to the Government’s advice, and making the best choices for your staff, volunteers and your beneficiaries should be your priority.

We have stayed open, and our small staff team are ready to support you in delivering your grants.  We’ll make sure that any payments you are due continue to reach you in good time, according to the terms of your grant. We are also continuing to deliver our new funding programmes – check out our programme pages for more details.

Changes to how we are working

The small staff team at the Trust are now working remotely. Please do not send us any more correspondence by post.

If you need to send us any documentation, and are not sure how to do this securely, please contact us.

Any scheduled payments that are due on submission of complete information or progress reports, will be paid in the normal way and we will contact you if we have a query.

Making changes to your funded project

We expect that many of the organisations that we have awarded grants to will need to either:

Consider changing the activities that they are doing

This means changing what you are doing now to keep offering support to those identified beneficiaries to whom your project was targeted. For example, you may have stopped offering sessions that people can come to, but now offer support to people who are isolated at home.

Extend the overall length of their grant

This means that you would like to have more time so that you can pause the activities that you were doing and restart them when restrictions relating to Covid-19 have lifted.

Some organisations may like to do both.

If you would like to make changes to your funded project, under the terms and conditions of your grant you will need to request a ‘variation’. To do this, please contact your grants officer, or email us at We can send you a form that is tailored for your organisation and the grant that you have with us.

If you have already made agreed changes to your funded project, and need to make further changes, please contact your grants officer.

You can also contact us at Please put your organisation name and your grant reference number in the subject line.

Other sources of support

Cobseo, the Confederation of Service charities, has published an online set of resources regarding the pandemic, which they are keeping updated. You may find these useful and they can be accessed at

The Charity Commission has published a guide to help you keep running your organisation at this time