Strategic programme launched to address suicide risks among vulnerable veterans

August 27, 2020

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust has launched One is Too Many; a specialist, targeted programme. This programme will fund projects that address the difficulties experienced by vulnerable veterans in dealing with suicidal thoughts and feelings; but who are not successfully accessing the support that they need.

Targeting significant challenges

This programme will fund a small number of projects that will provide urgent support and coordinated assistance to veterans most at risk of suicide or self-harm to help them access the care that best meets their needs; targeted to veterans who are not engaged with services that can offer appropriate support. It can also fund projects that can demonstrate that they would hope to reduce suicide levels in the future through this funded work. 

The needs that this programme is trying to address are complex, and grants of up to £300,000 are on offer. Projects that can show that they are working with partners and that their proposed idea promotes a joined-up approach with care pathways and reduces duplication are more likely to be awarded a grant. Grants under this programme will be limited, and it is likely that only 3-5 projects will be funded.

Impact that can save lives

Sonia Howe, Director of Policy at the Trust said

“This programme will fund specialist and targeted projects that offer an approach that will reach veterans that don’t or can’t currently get help.  It’s likely that the projects we support will be for new approaches; as our focus on this programme is to will reach suicidal veterans who would otherwise not engage with appropriate care.

You’ll also need to be able to show that you can identify and reach veterans who are at severe risk of taking their own lives, and that you’ll be able to develop new care pathways to support veterans into the comprehensive wider support that is on offer”

Find out more

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