Get involved with Veterans’ Places, Pathways and People programme consultation events in your area

August 16, 2021

Did you know organisations across the UK are currently conducting consultation events in preparation for applying to our Veterans’ Places, Pathways and People programme? 

This programme, funded by the Veterans’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund, will award large grants of up to £800,000 later this year and its vital that those seeking funding gather ideas, opinions and experiences from within the veteran community, including those supporting veterans. 

Share your views 

A list of consultation events is available on our website with new dates and events added as we receive them.  

Even if the advertised date of the consultation event has passed, we strongly encourage you to contact the hosting organisation if you have thoughts to share. 

Don’t see anything currently listed in your area? Check back regularly to keep up to date with new listings. 

The focus of this programme is to develop better, more joined up, lasting support for veterans with mental health needs, and the more feedback organisations receive, the better. 

Is your organisation planning a consultation event? 

If you submitted your intention to apply to the Veterans’ Places, Pathways and People programme, by the deadline, but have not yet told us about the consultation event(s) you are planning, there’s still time! 

Please use the form provided on our website and we’ll publicise your event(s) on our dedicated page. 

Find out more 

Full details of the Veterans’ Places, Pathways and People programme are available on our dedicated programme pages. 

Please note, this is a multi-stage, portfolio programme. The Trust intends to award 10 portfolio grants across the UK later this year; those organisations wishing to access funding to create a portfolio having now submitted their intention to apply.