Evaluation commissioned to look at the ongoing impact of the Reducing Veteran Homelessness programme

January 24, 2024

The Trust is pleased to announce we have commissioned Alma Economics as evaluators of the Reducing Veteran Homelessness programme.

In June 2023, the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust awarded nine grants under the Reducing Veteran Homelessness programme on behalf of the Office for Veterans’ Affairs (OVA). Worth a total of £7.2 million, these projects are now contributing to the government’s ambition to reduce Veteran homelessness and end rough sleeping.

Measuring the impact of this programme is vital. The Trust is keen to learn what works, and what could be improved in ongoing and future delivery of similar services for vulnerable and at-risk Veterans.

Evaluating programme impact

We have commissioned an independent evaluation of the programme by Alma Economics, following an open procurement process.

This evaluation will run concurrently with the programme over the next two years and will continue for a year after the programme has concluded to explore the longer-term outcomes for Veterans in need.

It will investigate the extent to which the programme has met the overall aims of reducing Veteran homelessness and increasing Veterans’ housing security and access to appropriate accommodation.

It will also look specifically at the impact of Op FORTITUDE; exploring and understanding the processes around how the scheme is delivered and how Veterans interact with the service.

The evaluation will also look at value for money, to support future cost modelling for Veterans’ supported housing.

Aims of the Reducing Veteran Homelessness programme

The Reducing Veteran Homelessness programme supports projects that improve the capacity of services, so they are better able to help Veterans with a range of needs within supported housing.

Homeless Veterans across the UK will be able to access specialist medical care, develop connections with local communities and access the tools they need to gain employment.

The funded projects

The nine funded organisations aim to provide support to 1,300 vulnerable Veterans over two years across almost 60 housing complexes, ranging from apartment blocks to family homes.

These projects are adaptable to the support needs of Veterans. They have ambitions for sustainable outcomes which include enabling Veterans to stay engaged with supported housing and services that help them address often complex needs.

Collaboration is key to the success of the programme. Projects will support integration for Veterans within the wider community by working with both specialist Veterans’ organisations and mainstream providers.


Vulnerable Veterans across the UK now have access to Op FORTITUDE, a new dedicated housing hotline, also funded through the Reducing Veteran Homelessness programme.

This gives homeless Veterans a single point of contact to get them the help they need.

The Trust awarded almost £500,000 to the Riverside Group to run Op FORTITUDE. Staff there refer callers to a network of support including housing providers, charities and local authorities.

All nine projects funded through the Reducing Veteran Homelessness programme began taking Op FORTITUDE referrals in September 2023.

Since its inception, Op FORTITUDE has supported 400+ Veterans into housing.

Alma Economics logo

Alma Economics

We’re excited to be working with Alma Economics, who will draw on their extensive practical experience and academic background to conduct a robust evidence-based evaluation of the impact of the programme.

Their understanding of the housing sector and experience in process, impact and economic evaluations in the context of policies to prevent or relieve homelessness make them ideal partners in this project.

Nick Spyropoulos, Managing Director of Alma Economics, said: “We are delighted to be working with the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust to deliver an independent evaluation of the Reducing Veteran Homelessness programme. We look forward to working with Veterans, service providers and others to explore how the projects are working and what impact they are having.”

Find out more

The findings from the evaluation will emerge as the programme progresses and will provide insights for future support for Veterans at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

We look forward to sharing progress and insights from the funded projects over the next two years.

Learn more about the programme and see a full list of the funded projects, here.