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MOD Education Support Fund (ESF)

The Trust partnered with the MOD to administer the MOD Education Support Fund (ESF) which provided funding to schools to help mitigate the effects of exceptional mobility and/or separation faced by Service children.

Funding available for schools and local authorities who support them

Closed for applications

Funding to tackle the effects of mobility and separation on Service children

*This programme is currently closed for applications*

The Trust has partnered with the MOD to administer the MOD Education Support Fund (ESF). Launched in 2011, the ESF provided funding to schools to help mitigate the effects of exceptional mobility and/or separation faced by Service children.


We invite applications from publicly funded schools, academies and free schools and sixth form colleges throughout the UK who meet the eligibility criteria.

Local authorities can also apply in support of these schools.

Groups of schools can also apply (cluster bids). Schools in a cluster can also apply individually if it is for a different initiative.

Applicants must have Service children on roll whose parent(s) are subject to mobility and/or separation; and be able to evidence the negative impact of this. Further guidance on what we mean by mobility/separation is available below.

Full eligibility criteria is available in the guidance documents below.

What’s available

Previous grants are generally in the region of £50-£60,0000 though you can apply for smaller and larger amounts. We would be unlikely to award a grant of more than £100,000. Your application must show why your project offers good value for money and that it is additional to activates that you carry out using Service Pupil Premium funds.

Applicants can also be included in a separate cluster bid, aside from their own application as long as they are for different initiatives.

Themes and priorities

Applications must show the following.

  • How you’ll address the negative impact of mobility and/or separation 
  • How you’ll engage with Service and civilian communities
  • What your planned outcomes are
  • How you’ll ensure good value for money
  • How you’ll ensure sustainability – repeat funding requests for projects previously funded by an ESF grant cannot be considered without clear evidence of why this funding is vital and why your school/LA could not secure it via other means.  

Your application should also clearly show how you will meet at least one of the following priorities of the fund.

  • Provide support for schools directly affected by mobility (including rebasing activity) and/or separation (parent/s away from the family for a continuous period of one month or more on operational tours, long exercises, training courses, weekending etc).
  • Meet staffing and training needs due to unforeseen increases in Service pupil numbers.
  • Provide community support to help build and maintain relationships between schools, local authorities and Service families.
  • Provide educational resources linked to Service pupil intake.
  • Provide funding for refurbishment of existing resources within the school (no capital works).

You can find examples of what funding can support in the resource documents below.

A strong application would include clear support from the local Armed Forces base or unit.

Deadlines and dates to note

This programme is currently closed for applications. If you applied by the deadline, you will receive a decision on your application by early January 2023. 

Successful applicants will receive payments no later than 5 April 2023.

Guidance and resources

*This programme is currently closed for applications*
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We encourage you to take a look at the application questions before beginning your online application to the Education Support Fund.

You can also view the terms and conditions to receiving an ESF grant.

Application questions in Word

Please note, this is for reference only and applications can only be made via our online application portal.

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