Findings from the Sustaining Delivery of the Covenant Programme

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Sustaining Delivery of the Armed Forces Covenant

This report is the final report of a study RAND Europe conducted on behalf of the Trust. It forms part of an ongoing evaluation of programmes we delivered to support local authorities to better implement the Covenant at a local level.

A previous report provided a process evaluation of the Strengthening Delivery of Armed Forces Covenant programme.

This report evaluates the impact of funding made under the Sustaining Delivery of the Armed Forces Covenant programme, and provides overarching findings from both programmes, including case studies which provide a greater insight into the good practices applied.

You can read the report via the PDF below

Case studies from the latest report

RAND Europe have provided three case studies providing a greater insight into good practives applied during three of the funded projects under the Sustaining Delivery programme. Click each link below to read the case studies.

Highlighted practices from Kingston-upon-Hull City Council cluster

This document describes practices grantees used in the Sustaining Delivery cluster led by Kingston upon
Hull City Council.

Download 129.9 KB

Highlighted practices from the Highland Council cluster

The Highland-Council-led cluster undertook multiple activities to help improve the Covenant’s implementation in their area. The project enabled local authorities to better embed the Covenant principles across Community Planning
Partnership, Scotland Community Planning Partnerships and Statutory Partnerships.

Download 124.8 KB

Highlighted practices from the Charnwood Council cluster

The primary aim of the project led by Charnwood Borough Council was to embed the Armed Forces Covenant into appropriate organisational processes across organisations’ areas of responsibility.

Download 126.2 KB
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