Veterans’ Places, Pathways & People (VPPP) Programme webinar

Veterans and carers July 2023

The Trust hosted a webinar in June 2023 which explored the peer support, safe spaces and essential collaboration at the heart of the VPPP Programme. The VPPP Programme is funded by HM Treasury as part of the Veterans’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund.

The VPPP Programme supports four strategic, national organisations and 10 regional lead organisations across the UK. Within each of these portfolios is a group of organisations working to:

  • give veterans safe, welcoming places to go in their local area 
  • support veterans to access mental health support and treatment pathways that meet their needs 
  • ensure that the people who support veterans (staff and particularly volunteers) can access good quality training and can have better access to connect veterans into wider pathways.

During our webinar we heard from organisations working at each level of the VPPP Programme. You can watch the webinar recording below.

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Useful resources

You can access slides from all speakers at the webinar here.

Slide pack from the VPPP Webinar

Featuring slides from speakers.

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Find out more about the VPPP Programme in our updated resource booklet.