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VPPP Midlands

When someone is described as a veteran or from a veteran community, we can all conjure up an image in the mind to visualise what that person may look like and what Service life may have been like for them, however, what is less easy to visualise is the sheer combinations of real people who ‘are’ the veteran community and understand what services they need. 

Member Organisations of VPPP Midlands
  • Combat Stress
  • Fighting With Pride
  • Loughborough Wellbeing Centre
  • Mission Motorsport
  • Stepway
  • The Poppy Factory
  • The Warrior Programme
  • Tri-Services & Veterans Support Centre
  • Veterans Community Network
  • Waterloo Uncovered
  • YSS
VPPP Midlands

Is the family from overseas, is the family a dual-serving couple, has the veteran been involved in conflict or maybe even several conflicts, has their Service been as a Reservist or Regular Service person? The list of combinations could continue, but personal experiences and circumstances are almost as individual as a fingerprint. 

It stands to reason then that effective and appropriate support for the veteran community is best when it reflects the diversity of the beneficiaries. With a successful bid of £799,800 from the Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund Veterans’ Places, Pathways and People programme, the Veterans’ Mental Health Support Midlands project is up and running with Beverly Young from Defence Medical Welfare Service saying, ‘We felt that a breadth of services and project partners offers the best model for beneficiaries. As the project lead, we can’t thank the portfolio enough, all are on-board and passionate about it.’ 

Within the partnership portfolio veterans can access clubs, drop-in centres, employment support all the way through to specialist medical support and assistance with addictions. 

Beverly adds, ‘There should be no wrong door, we don’t mind how they come in, with the correct pathways set-up beneficiaries can move through the portfolio services. 

With partners working together there are benefits for everyone. For example, plenty of organisations would recognise a scenario when a beneficiary is engaged with so many different agencies that it becomes a full-time job just keeping up with who is doing what. It becomes very easy to duplicate or confuse information. The value of having a single point of contact, whether it is a welfare officer or trained team member not only avoids confusion for the beneficiary but removes confusion for the service providers too. 

We see the project partnerships as a real force multiplier and are exceedingly grateful for the funding; we are on a fantastic journey to deliver across the Midlands area. It really feels that the project is coming alive.’ 

Veterans and carers Report Jun 2022

The Veterans’ Places, Pathways & People

The VPPP programme will award 10 grants to portfolios of projects, which work regionally to develop support for veterans.