Reporting on your NAAFI Fund Grant

Reporting on your NAAFI Fund Grant

You have 12 months to complete your NAAFI Fund project – and you can finish before this time, but you must take into account reporting / payment scheduling as part of your planning, as well as the fact we need you to report on the impact the grant has made. By this we mean,

  • how has it improved the lives / experience / health & wellbeing for example, of the people who use the space, project, activities or equipment?

Allow enough time (we recommend around 2-3 months) to gather information on the use/ popularity of the space or items/activities and ask how your colleagues/the families feel about what they have gained from the project

Your grant amount

You can apply up to £50k for a project, so it is important you think about realistic timescales and understand how payments are made / reporting that’s required during your grant period.

Your payment schedules work as follows:

£25K or less

 2 Payments:  split as 95% (once your signed Offer letter and banking evidence are received) followed by 5% at the end of your project, upon receipt of your End of Grant Report).

£25,001 – £50K

 3 Payments: split as 50% (once your signed Offer letter and banking evidence are received) followed by 45% (once you submit a progress report) and then 5% (once we receive your End of Grant report.

We can be flexible on the amount we make per payment, but you do need to plan your project accordingly to make allowances for the fact we will pay in instalments. The reason we do this is to be able to ensure adequate is reporting is obtained to account for the correct use of funding, as well as to give you the opportunity to tell us how you are getting on/ show case the fantastic outcomes you have had.

  • You will need to report halfway through your project if awarded over £25k using the form that will be on your grant portal (this will also include providing a financial update on the spend so far against the budget)
  • You will need to report at the end of the project to receive your final 5% payment – you need to include final financial details and photos that include NAAFI branding in them. We will need to know how you plan to spend your final amount. Please remember that this final amount is paid AFTER you submit the final report so you will need to ensure you tell us what you plan to spend it on as part of the final report form.
  • NAAFI are a different organisation to AFCFT – NAAFI own the fund and will contact you re promoting the project and the progress to date. AFCFT are the managers of the fund – we are responsible for ensuring your project is running smoothly and making payments. Any issues in relation to delay or changing your project must be requested through AFCFT in the first instance and we will contact NAAFI where need be.

You will be able to make variations to your grant / project should you need to these include (but not restricted to):

  • extension of time beyond 12 months
  • to pause a project where need be
  • to change contact details
  • to request variation to scheduled payment amounts
  • to discuss changes to project overall/budget/ delivery.

All requests must be made by emailing your grant manager at the AFCFT.

NAAFI will contact your after the first 2/3 months or so to find out how you are getting on and ask you what branding you need. We expect to see branding in the photos taken once you have completed.

Full guidance is downloadable on our NAAFI Fund page under ‘Guidance and resources