The Trust Awards nearly £1million to Sustaining Support: Supporting Veterans and Families Impacted by the Afghanistan Conflict

December 16, 2021

In August 2021, with the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the Trust became increasingly aware that there may be increased needs within Armed Forces Veterans. In response to this, the Trust conducted a survey across current grant holders to explore these needs further.

The Trust acted with speed and within a month, the programme was launched. ‘Sustaining Support: Supporting Veterans and Families Impacted by the Afghanistan Conflict was targeted to programmes where the type of work that they are doing through their projects would be most likely to be able to be scaled up quickly; with a focus on supporting veterans that had been impacted by the situation in Afghanistan. Support was also available for families of those veterans. Applicants had to show how they were already working with these veterans or family members; and would be able to deliver additional work quickly if they received a grant.

Aimed specifically at those facing a challenging time

30 organisations were awarded grants and one of these was Mission Motorsport. This is what they had this to say about their £35,000 grant…

The continuation grant in support of our woodland camps project through the AFCFT’s Sustaining Support programme couldn’t be more welcome by us at the charity or by our beneficiaries. We’ve welcomed literally hundreds of veterans through the camps over the last two years, and this additional year of funding, aimed specifically at those facing a challenging time further to the Afghan withdrawal, really is a life saver. The support will see over one hundred individuals directly benefit, and we know the demand is there as we have a waiting list. The AFCFT has been instrumental in allowing Mission Motorsport to provide the support our beneficiary audience required, through the pandemic and now beyond. We’re enormously grateful.Ben Williams – Corporate & Individual Fundraising, Mission Motorsport

Addressing and Reducing Negative Behaviours

Safeguarding Communities – Reducing Offending (SACRO) is a Scottish community justice organisation which works to deliver life-changing services that empower people, gives hope and protection, and helps to build safe communities. Since the events in Afghanistan, they have witnessed a rise in mental health concerns and substance use amongst the veterans whom they were currently supporting. SACRO were awarded £35,000 for their project ‘Forces of Nature’ and had this to say about the funding…

This funding will enable us to continue to provide intensive support to the veterans and their families with whom we have forged positive, trusting relationships including those adversely affected by events in Afghanistan. We will continue to offer access to a tranquil, nurturing environment where veterans feel welcomed and encouraged. We will also intensify practical and emotional support required to address and reduce negative behaviours such as increased use of alcohol and drugs because of events in Afghanistan by increasing staffing levels.Mary Thomson – Manager, SACRO

Widening the Network of Services

The Goodwin Development Trust applied for funding in order to support more families and carers affected by events in Afghanistan. They want to widen the network of services in the Humber region to cover North Lincolnshire and East Riding. The Goodwin Development Trust had found that both of these areas had a lack of provision for families and they anticipate a further increase in demand.

‘Sustaining Support – Afghanistan’ programme awarded Goodwin Development Trust’s project ‘Community Hub, Families and Carers’ £35,000

We are delighted to receive additional resources that enables us to reach out in partnership across the Humber Sub-Region to support more individuals and families that have been impacted by the events in Afghanistan – this will make a real difference to them

Clive Darnell – Head of Development at Goodwin Development Trust

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